Orphen - Episode 7 - The Ruins of Baltanders

This episode starts with Orphen remembering the process of Azalea turning into a dragon. Then Orphen wants to go to a magic mystic island. The boat people won't take him, because they say that there's a monster out there. The people get their own boat to sail out to the island. Volcan and Dortin are running from a shark. Orphen blasts the shark so that the Sword isn't eaten.

Orphen makes Volcan and Dortin row the boat. They run into some fog. Majic asks if Orphen knows where he's going, and he says he's been there before. He has a flashback of Azalea. They keep going and find "The ruins of the Dragon of Wind". They go inside them and run into a Shield spell that the Tower of Fang put there. Orphen blows it up. They go through the place and find empty rooms and locked doors. Creao sees statues. Majic says "from the way that they were posed they look like they were holding something." Volcan says that there are Glyphs underneath, which Orphen translates as "Baltanders", which means something is incomplete.

He says that six years ago he and Azalea were sent to study things. Orphen took the sword from the statue, and Azalea took a bracelet. She hid the bracelet so they could come back for it. Azalea invokes the power of the sword and it glows green. She staggers and screams. A rat that touches it is turned into a larger, glowing rat.

Back in the present, Orphen takes the bracelet out of the secret place. Then the rat that touched the sword is seen as now a giant dragon. Orphen freezes the rat and then the Bloody August comes. Orphen tries to bind it, using the bracelet. It gets away. Orphen gets mad.

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