Orphen - Episode 6 - Curse of the Wolves part 2

This episode leaves off from the previous one, with orphen having his butt kicked by the big Wolfen, and Fienna saying "Please don't hurt him!", and all.

Orphen is now unconscious. Fienna takes care of him, and tells Majik to run away. Majik says "I'll be back!" Then Fienna has to calm the crowd of villagers who are all antsy, and saying that Fienna caused the Wolfen's wrath. Volcan wants to use the opportunity to get the sword of Baltanders back again.

Fienna goes into the spiritual realm to rescue Orphen's soul. Deranged sequence with Orphen having hallucinations in his head. Meanwhile, the bad guy is putting Gunpowder under all the trees for some reason. Then Orphen's funeral pyre is lit. Orphen comes out and says Batrov is trying to make explosions to trap the Wolfen's young. Creao is caught in a net.

Then Batrov tries to get the Creao's baby Wolfen pet (Lucky) and tries to sell it, but Orphen blasts him. Then Orphen finds that Fionna has died once before, but the Wolfen ressurected her to serve as their priestess. So, Fionna stays in the village, while Orphen, Majik, Creao, and Lucky all go off again.

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