Sorcerous Stabber Orphen

"Sorcerous Stabber Orphen" is a Fantasy/Anime series, with a brilliant mix of Comedy, Storyline, and Sorcery. The main character is Orphen, the most brilliant student of the Tower of Fang, a high-class magic school. Apparently, he took a dislike to it and ran away, becoming a rebel. He took an apprentice, Majic, and also encountered several other people: Cleao, a spoiled-ish girl, Volcan, a greedy type who owes Orphen money (and thus must follow him around) and Dortin, his quieter, nicer brother. There are several groups in Orphen's path: The mages of the Tower of Fang, who are trying to get their prodigy back, and the Black August, who was once a human woman, one of Orphen's friends named Azalie. Azalie needs a special magic sword to get back to her former shape, but Orphen can't let her have it, because something bad will happen. The plot unfolds, and many secrets are revealed.

The animation and artwork in this series are top-notch. The people are done with great effects, rather than just generic people. Sound is also pretty good. The voice casting was pretty good, with each person being a pretty good choice for that character. This is a great series I would recommend to any Anime/Fantasy fan.

-Kirbyoto, of the Futile Existence

Orphen: Episode 5: Curse of Wolves, part 1

Orphen: Episode 6: Curse of Wolves, part 2

Orphen Review and Photos

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