Orphen - Episode 5 - Curse of the Wolves part 1

This episode starts with the group going through a forest, and Majik stumbles across a woman in the wood. Then Majic gets surrounded by hunters from in the forest, who believe that all outsiders are evil pagans who must die.

Orphen and Creao are also surrounded by the same type of people, but Orphen blasts them. Majic, in the jail, learns that Volcan "snitched" on Orphen, saying he was an evil sorcerer.

Eventually Majic breaks free, talking to the woman he met (who is named Fienna). Orphen remembers that the society is based on the worship of creatures called Wolfen. Cleo finds a fuzzy mammal.

The evil guy, Batrov, who started the badness and sorcerer-hating, uses Gunpowder and Guns to try to kill Orphen. Fienna, Orphen, and Majic escape, running into Cleo.

It turns out the fuzzy mammal is a baby Wolfen. And, of course, the mommy comes to rescue it. It kicks Orphen's butt. Fienna runs forward and pleads to the Wolfen on the other people's behalf. End of part one.

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