G-Force - The Phoenix

In Gatchaman and Battle of the Planets, the spaceship they flew in was called the Phoenix. It was alternately known as the God Phoenix and Fiery Phoenix.

Here is the base ship. This was also Tiny's main ship, he was its pilot. He would gather up the rest whereever they were at the moment.

In the US it was just called the Phoenix. In Japan it was called the God Phoenix.

It's special form is very interesting. In the US, in Episode 1 this was called the Fiery Phoenix and they said it was an easy change that required all the energy the ship had - and that it took them 24 hours to convert back into normal form. However, in Episode 2 they switch in and out of the form in around 10 seconds!

In the Japanese version, they make clear that this is a move of last resort that can potentially kill the group. In Episode 1 they only do it when death is certain, and with a lot of worry. In Episode 2, Mark only does it as an emergency measure when the bad guys are preparing to kamikaze his ship. He and Princess are VERY relieved when they are both OK afterwards.

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