Battle of the Planets - 5 - Ghost Ship of Planet Mir

Gatchaman seems to like watery environments! The show begins with a Ships' Graveyard near an ISO underwater fish breeding location. A research ship is near the graveyard and the crew is worried about the graveyard - a ghost ship appears and blows up the research vessel with missiles and guns.

You see the G-Force leader talking with Chief Anderson of the ISO talking about the graveyard, and about oil wells that don't pollute the sea. They know Galactor has caused the graveyard.

Katse is relaying Leader X's orders to the sub captain, to continue to rule the oceans. He wants the fish breeding farm destroyed.

Gatchaman's team is brought to the island. While they wait, Mark pulls Princess and Keyop along for a ride, while Tiny and Jason watch from the beach. They talk about waiting for revenge on Galactor, and then see an oil slick coming. It's killing the fish. Galactor attacks the base while people run.

The sub says the God Phoenix is following them and Katse says they're an idiot, to run for the graveyard. Everyone is afraid of the graveyard. They're from old wars. Jasn points out that lots of ships were sunk but only warships are here. They surface and find a battleship that fires at them. They find the fog generator. Jason wants to blow it up but Mark says they need permission for the missiles. Dr. Nambu authorizes it "just this once". He fires tons of missiles at it.

Now they see the whole fleet. Jason claims Dr. Nambu gave them permission to fire and wipes them all out. The UFOs rise from the ships. Then little fighters appear. They shoot the UFOs. It is Red Impule, "We shall meet again."

The US Version - Battle of the Planets

Of course it's not Earth - it is Planet Mir that has a ship which saw a ghost ship. They have a site with a fish breeding and oil complex. It is the supply ships that are being lost. suspects brock - old leader of mir - joining zoltar. Keyop and Princess are water-skiing. Tiny and Jason are "standing watch" on the beach. The team is called into action.

At Mir, they dive into the water to seek the sub. They see a live ghost ship. After avoiding destroyign the smoke machine they see remote controlled versions of the ships that were sunk and Jason easily destroys them all. They watch the ships burst into flame with self-destruct bombs.

Now UFOs appear. They run out of missiles and have a huge battle with the UFOs. President wants to give them a reward, but Mark says just to give them their vacation on Sunset Island. They're swimming with another turtle!

Mark, scolding Keyop for falling on the ramp:
Japanese: "How clumsy! Are you really an Iga ninja descendant?"
US: "Yeah, I guess you're ready to try out for the Olympics, Keyop."

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Vol. 3 - Ghost Ship of Planet Mir / Big Robot Gold Grab

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