Battle of the Planets - 3 - The Space Mummy

In the third episode of Battle of the Planets, a giant space mummy invades Zanarkand ... or is that Japan?

First, the Japanese version. You see that a commercial airliner goes down near Japan, losing all on board. Mark runs into a small boy at the airport, and learns that the boy is the son of the pilot of that airplane. The boy thinks his father must still be alive and keeps coming back to the airport to greet him. The boy's uncle is a scientist and is trying to find a way to gently break the news to the boy.

Pretty quickly we find that the plane crash was caused by a giant space mummy run by Galactor, and it's run by a rare power source. The only way to stop it is an anti-power developed by the boy's uncle. Suddenly, the pilot shows up, and the boy is thrilled. But the uncle realizes this is NOT his lost brother, and when the pilot then tries to break into the uncle's safe, it's reveale that it's Berg Katse in disguise.

Mark leaps in to help fight Katse, and the boy wakes up, furious that Mark is beating up on "his father". Katse runs off and Mark gets the anti-power from the scientist. Mark and his team gather and the mummy attacks the airport. The boy runs out onto the runway and Katse orders the mummy to squash the boy. Mark leaps down to save the boy, the mummy is blasted with the anti-power, and Katse takes off in his escape pod. The boy is furious at Mark, but Mark won't let the uncle tell the boy the truth - Mark explains that his own father, a pilot, vanished 10 years ago. That he would rather believe his father might come back someday than to resign himself to the thought that he was truly dead.

The US Version - Battle of the Planets
The differences here weren't as nasty as the first two episodes, but they still exist. First off, since "terrorists on earth" are apparently just too scary for US kids, all of this takes place on a newly discovered planet called Zanarkand which suspiciously already has a giant airport, fresh air and everything else on it. The pilot that crashes did so alone, without all those innocent lives.

The rest of the story is pretty much the same, with the boy waiting for his dad, and being upset with Mark. However, at the end Mark doesn't reveal his own pain and sadness - he just says that he doesn't want to disillusion the boy.

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