Death Note Manga Review

Death Note begins with an interesting premise. A bored supernatural being decides to drop a powerful object in the human world, to see what happens. A bored brilliant high school student picks it up and promptly realizes the power of what he has. An intelligent nemesis then takes him on, trying to rein in his activities.

The object in question is a notebook which brings death. The student simply has to write someone's name in the book, along with the details on how that person will die, and if it's possible it will happen. There are a few other stipulations, of course, but in general if the student wants someone to die, he can make it happen.

The student, once he gets over his initial qualms, decides this is great. He can rid the world of pedophiles and other nasties, and make the world a far better place to live. Most people might be at least slightly tempted by the idea that they could carefully erase people who make the world cruel and inhumane.

Still, of course, there are all sorts of moral dilemmas. Just how bad does someone have to be in order to be wiped out permanently? What if someone makes a mistake in choosing a victim? And in the meantime, with pursuit hard on his heels, how can he prevent being detected while going about his activities?

The result is a chess match style of move and counter move, with each side thinking ahead and evaluating the clues carefully. If all deaths happen between hours X and Y does that mean something - or is that just the killer leading the trackers astray?

Some parts are a little cliche, but I did enjoy the thought provoking aspects to the series.

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