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Starring Ann-Margret and Bing Crosby, this remake of the John Wayne classic has a group of stereotypical travelers on a stagecoach to Cheyenne. A Sioux war party, led by Crazy Horse, is the danger element. The Sioux have no "personality" at all - you pretty much never see one stationary, close up. They are always riding at top speed, yelling out war whoops and throwing spears. The most you can see of their outfits is that they are tan. I tried numerous times to take a photo of the Sioux and literally every single one came out blurry.

The only Sioux you see close up is a female Sioux that the Chinese trader has taken as a wife. She, of course, does not speak. She just stands beside him as he proudly states that with her as his wife, he now is safer in this territory. It's interesting because this is in fact what many traders in the west did - take on local Native American wives in order to get through the land more safely and to use their wives' social contacts.

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