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You have to start this with one thing in mind - this is a Disney film. That means you have a very white washed, comedic view of what is happening. In essence this is a "family gathering up" story, involving a guy and his "son", meeting up with a lady and her daughter. Cute romance is sure to follow.

First, the guy and son. James Garner is Keyes, who deserted from the army - but of course it was for a noble cause. He quickly runs into Mark, a kid who at first glance *looks* like an Indian, but of course he isn't. He was a white boy captured by the Cheyenne natives, who is now free again. The two have a mother-daughter pair of camels who are adoringly ornery.

Off they go in the Utah desert, worrying about both Indians and the army. There are typical hijinks and horseplay as they go. They soon run into a gorgeous blonde lady and her equally gorgeous blonde daughter. Keyes falls for the lady. Mark thinks the girl has cooties.

Of course, in true Disney fashion, everything works out lovely for all involved, with a few spots of age-appropriate minor sadness.

This is a super movie for young tykes, with pretty much zero swearing, violence, or other nastiness that has infiltrated modern media. However, from the point of view of this involving "one little indian" - they could have done *Far* better. Why not have had the child actually BE an Indian? Why not show more about native american culture? Really, this is more about "The Brady Bunch in the Old West" - certainly a casual, fun romp - but not involving Indians at all.

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