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This classic Roy Rogers tale also stars Dale Evans. In this DVD version you even have an intro scene where these two talk about the movie and a few parts of it that they enjoyed.

Roy is a US Marshall trying to track down wrong-doers. He hangs out at a local ranch, falling for the rancher's daughter. In the meantime, a group of gypsies come into town, and the usual cat-fight erupts between the rancher girl and the gypsy girl over the handsome marshall. There are numerous jokes at the gypsies expense.

Roy eventually figures out who the bad guys are, and what they are up to. He saves the day in a manly yet kid-friendly manner.

These are classics in terms of being family friendly, with a light comedy aspect and little actual bloodshed or cursing. That all being said, for a "Navajo Trail" title, where are the Indians? Where are the Mexicans? All you have are very clean cut Westerners, and a few Spanish Gypsies. I would have loved the story to include more cultures, more of the melting pot of this region. I realize that Roy Rogers was "clean cut fun" - but there's no harm in a movie being a bit educational, too, about the region it covers. It was almost like the Disney World version of what the Wild West was all about.

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