Navajo Blues - Native American Movie Listing

I've got mixed feelings about this. You've got a Vegas cop who is sent into witness protection in Navajo country. He meets up with 2 sisters - one is a cop, the other is documenting the life of the natives. He gets drawn into a crazy-man serial murderer and has to handle that as well as dodge the Vegas bad guys who want to do him in.

I really enjoyed some of the scenes, such as the Navajo sand painters and the gorgeous landscapes. They do, in some situations, really give a nice sense of what this land is all about and what the people are like too.

Unfortunately, it then gets marred by very hokey acting and the crazy man's insanity. The music is very rock-pop and seems quite inappropriate in many places.

So it's very much a balancing act here, to appreciate the bits of culture and ignore the rest.

Native American Movie Listing
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