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Lee Van Cleef is definitely the key feature of this film set back in the 1800s. If you don't like spaghetti westerns - and especially if you don't like the "Good, Bad Ugly" set of movies, you're going to hate this one. This is exactly in that same style, with very similar plotting and silliness. However, if you love those types of movies, you're going to have fun here.

Van Cleef is a native american who is a member of the US Army. He's investigating a mysterious plot which involves something sinister in the government. Every person he talks to seems to know about the plot but is not able to give him information. He goes from person to person, trying to determine what is going on. He gets teased about being a "red ass", is beaten up, drugged, beaten up some more, and ridiculed some more.

There's very little about being an Indian here, with perhaps the exception that people beat on him for it. He does meet up with an Indian Chief at one point, and has to strip out of his army clothes before he can be talked to.

If you're a western fan, this is definitely a DVD to rent, to see if it strikes your fancy. If you enjoy it, it can become one of those cult classics that you put on at 2am and enjoy reciting a few lines along with.

Native American Movie Listing
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