Mosquito Tips - Avon's Skin So Soft

I was an Avon lady for a short while, and heard many stories about Skin So Soft fighting off mosquitoes. Unfortunately, this was just an urban legend.

Research studies on mosquito bites (I would hate to be a volunteer for that study!!) show that while DEET creams can keep mosquitoes at bay for 5 hours or more, Skin so Soft barely lasted 9 minutes before the mosquitoes decided the person was fair game.

Avon has now come out with a version of Skin So Soft that has a DEET-free pesticide in it. That is at least better, but DEET has been shown in a wide number of studies to be by far the best way to prevent a mosquito from landing on you.

You might consider getting the DEET-free Skin So Soft for your hands, but the long sleeves and long pants you wear should be sprayed with the DEET repellents to ensure that mosquitoes truly stay away during your birding adventures.

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