Mosquito Tips - Avoid the Banana

According to urban legends, eating a banana will help draw mosquitoes in to suck your flesh. Can this really be true?

I haven't yet found any research to say this IS true, but female mosquitoes are attracted to people in two ways - by carbon dioxide and by perfume smell. A supposed "mosquito trap" involves putting a banana peel, a cup of sugar and a cup of vinegear together and letting this draw the mosquitoes away from you.

I'm afraid that this mosquito legend is completely untrue. I've done experiments where I sat outside for 15 minutes, with an even stream of mosquitoes coming at me. I had 11 on me in that 15 minute time period. I then went inside, ate a banana and came back out. I even left the banana peel next to me as an added lure. Not one mosquito went near the banana - they all came back to me at almost exactly the same rate. With banana, I had 10 on me during a 15 minute period.

Put the bananas in your ice cream, and use a real repellent to handle the mosquitoes!

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