Personalized Pens

Everybody uses pens. Pretty much every adult human has at least one use for a pen every single day. So be sure to keep a TON of personalized pens around. In your office desk, in your car, in your bags, in your purse, anywhere you go. Leave them behind with your tip. Leave them in coffee houses. Give them away with business cards. People don't "use" a business card - but they'll use a pen, and if your website it on it, they'll remember to visit it when they need a service like yours.

I've gotten many pen sets from them, including great squishy-side pens that were extremely comfortable and a favorite of everyone who got one. However, my favorite pens have to be the ones shown at the left. They have both a LED flashlight AND a bright red laser pointer built into them. Talk about fantastic! These are pens that everyone who picks one up begins to play with and enjoy - and show off to other people. It's built in amazing marketing.

Yes, you can get cheaper pens than this type, and I recommend getting a ton of cheap pens. However, if you're looking to really be remembered, give these uber-pens a try. They work extremely well. Highly recommended! website

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