Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Quickly

All of my pages emphasize that it's critical to build up your business and plan for long term success. Any black hat, rich-quick schemes tend to have quite serious downsides. However, I also understand that sometimes your car collapses in a smoking heap and you have to come up with the $1,000 dollars in short order to get to work before you're fired. Here are some ideas to help you through that.

Sell Books
Amazon lets you easily sell books. Go through your library. List anything you don't desperately need to keep. Make sure your account is set up to auto-deposit money into your bank account - I believe it's usually in a two week cycle. While you're in there, sell any video games or other standard household products you might have.

Sell Crafts
Is there anything you're good at making? Set up a page on Etsy and start listing your items. Etsy is a wonderful place to list any crafty items, and if you price them right, they can sell quickly.

Sell Items
Ebay is the classic place to sell non-standard items. Look around your house and see what you have to sell, and start listing!

Publish Ebooks
You can get an ebook published in under a day on the Amazon Kindle system. If you have content written, put it together and load it up! If you've never done this before, enlist a friend to help so that it is formatted properly. You don't want to hinder your own efforts by racking up 1-star reviews.

Check your Ads
On any websites you run, make sure you have used the best ads you can wherever you're allowed to use ads. Side ads are often blocked, but the bottom-of-page personal recommendations in text are read and clicked on.

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