iPhone Application Development for Dummies

There is a TON to learn when creating an iPhone application, and the incredibly large volume of Apple documentation would take you years to go through. I wanted the quick, fairly easy path through it all. I have always been fond of Dummies book, and I was extremely pleased with the iPhone Application Development for Dummies book by Neal Goldstein.

This book takes you step by step through the various aspects of building and iPhone app with both hard core information and a sense of humor. It definitely helps to have a programming background - but newbies to the world of coding can make it through this if they go slowly and set the time to read and re-read the information.

The screenshots really help you visualize what is going on and to match it up against your screen. The sample application he gave instructions for was up and running on my system within maybe an hour or two. It's nice to get that kind of quick feedback that you are on the right path!

I am only halfway through the book right now but will chime back in when I finish.

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