Installing the iPhone App Software

You MUST have a Macintosh operating system running to install the Apple iPhone development software. Yes you can "kludge" this together by installing a Macintosh OS area into a spot on your PC hard drive, but it is SO much healthier / safer / better to have an actual Macintosh computer to work with. It gets you into the whole Mac mindset, of how the fingers work, how the screens work, what people are going to expect from their application. You know you're always up to date, that it's always there when you call.

Once you get your Macintosh set up, then it's easy to go to your iPhone application development area and download the software. They have all the links right there!

One set of software manages your C code libraries. So you manage your H files, your M files, all of your code about "how buttons work" and "how variables save". The interface is fairly easy to use if you've developed programs before.

Separate from this is an interface library that lets you drag-and-drop buttons, text, photos, images, and other items into a graphical representation of an iPhone screen. So you drag and drop a button, give it a name, and put it exactly where you want it to go. This button is now "acted on" by all the code you're writing in the code area.

So your coding and work involves going between these two areas. You create graphic screens in the interface area. You write instructions about how buttons work and how variables reset and store in the coding area. There is a robust debugging tool and build library interface to help ensure you are writing healthy code.

All of this software is FREE!

Creating an iPhone App

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