Moulting and New Feathers

Just like humans, parakeets grow new feathers pretty constantly. So it is normal to see feathers fall out occasionally as new ones grow in. They also go through seasonal molts, just like dogs and cats do. So when springtime comes around, it's normal for a keet to shed its old feathers and start growing in lots of fresh, new ones. Of course they don't go COMPLETELY featherless during this - just like a dog doesn't turn completely hairless. But they do lose more than normal for a week or two, and then the new ones come in.

Here is a photo of Nazo with new head feathers coming in -

You can see the little rolled up new feathers poking out of her head. They look like thin scrolls of rolled up paper. They will soon unroll and look like fresh, lovely feathers. Parakeets get VERY itchy during this phase and it's hard for them to scratch their own heads. They have no hands! So you might see your keet rubbing her head on the cage bars or even want you to scratch her head for her (if she is fully hand trained and trusts you).

If your keet KEEPS losing feathers over a long period of time, or actually loses enough feathers to show skin, call a vet.

Here's an image of Pinto who is moulting. Note that it LOOKS sort of icky, but really it isn't. The "bare spots" you see on her body are really just the way she's fluffed up, she has a normal layer of feathers. On her head, you can see the rolled up brand new feathers as they are growing in. Once a feather fully grows in, it unfurls and looks like a normal feather.

Here's a close-up for a better look at the feathers.

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