Pinto the Parakeet
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We got Pinto in December 1998 to keep our first parakeet, Nazo, company. In the photo, Pinto is the blue parakeet on the right. In no time at all, Pinto grew to be larger than Nazo and as you can read in Pinto's 1999 Adventures, Pinto sort of took over the flock of two.

In late 1999 we got a third parakeet, Santo, and Pinto is still the ruler. This has lasted until the current date. Pinto is in charge. She sees Nazo as the bird to keep an eye on. She wants to be whereever Nazo is and take over :)

Pinto, Santo, Nazo in 1999

Originally Pinto was afraid of baths, and afraid of real food. However, after following Nazo's lead, Pinto is now equally as fond of baths as Nazo is and equally as bold in leaping in!

Pinto on the left, Santo on the right in 2002

Pinto in 2003, hanging out on a curtain rod

Nazo passed away in September 2008. Pinto and Nazo had always been "friends" and Pinto seemed to miss Nazo. Her wings would twitch in a slow vibration. Her chest was always pushed out slightly, she was the biggest of the four parakeets. We were now worried about how Pinto would do, since the other two parakeets (Santo and Ivory) were a happy couple. But they all ended up getting along.

Pinto finally passed away in 2010 from a tumor - Pinto and her Tumor

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