Nazo the Parakeet:
Raising a Baby Parakeet

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Nazo is an adorable green parakeet born August 20, 1997. We got her at barely 6 weeks, hand raised and fed. She immediately sat on our fingers, ate food from our hands, and in general was a cuddly little creature. She loves it when Bob scratches her head, especially under her neck. She also loves Bob's gold chain (which Bob always wears) so even if she can't see it, she'll try to burrow under Bob's clothes to get at it.


Jan '98, baby Nazo
We're hoping to teach her how to talk ... right now when we say "hello" to her we do it with a so-me tone (like a chickadee) and she sings that back to us. Maybe soon she'll get the words in there! That'd be neat. We haven't thought up any other phrases for her yet ... getting the "so-me" singing is neat enough for now. I've had four parakeets in the past and none got that far!

Nazo again

Jan '98 again
see the stripes?
Her wings were clipped before we got her, something I don't much like myself. They were actually clipped rather badly, too, so she was in really bad shape as far as trying to fly. She's only out when we're there so we can watch over her. I have a 9 year old so I'm used to keeping a house safe! As a consequence, though, she was a "helicopter" at first. Now she's got the hang (and feathers) of flight and is doing much better.

Nazo attacks Bob's gold chain
She has developed an affection for Bob - even I get "ack ack"ed at now!! And her nose (cere) has settled on purple. We still have a small suspicion she might be male, but she gnaws on everything and only so-mes at us, so she has all the "female" traits.

Fluffy Nazo

Nazo Feb 98
Apr 98: Now Nazo has most of her flight feathers back and likes to fly after Bob if he leaves the room. If she stays put, she'll chirp her little heart out until Bob calls out that he's OK. She still does the "so-me" tones to say hello, tho she can't actually say the words.

On Apr 29th, I cleaned out her yellow bathtub and went to put it back into her cage. She was sitting in the way, so I pushed it gently against her chest to get her to move. She hopped on the edge, and drank the water for a bit. Then she jumped right in! I've never had a bird (I've had 4 parakeets) that liked baths before! They were all male, maybe it's because she's female. Bob missed it all - she was in there for like 10 minutes, hopping in and out, splashing, shaking her wings, dunking her head. Bob came in and said, "That water's cold!" Yes it was. So we pulled out the blowdrier and gently dried her off. We'll have to try this again!

May 22nd: she can fly really well now!! Just in the past two days she's gotten the hang of "landing on a finger". She thinks she's really cool now :). We read in bed most evenings, with her cage open next to us, and she'll fly over, land on my finger, and nibble on the edges of the magazine I'm reading. Sometimes she'll try to sit on the magazine, which doesn't work if there's only a few pages on that side! She also sits on the doortop of the bedroom, and flies back and forth from her cage to the door. She still does the "high-low" sing to say "hello", but no words.

July 31: I should get a picture of this! She always sits on the wood medicine cabinet when we're in the bathroom. One time recently, I started a gentle stream of water into the sink and brought her down to it. She loved it!! She roamed under the stream, splashing and wiggling her feathers. Sometimes she gets so wet she can't fly any more! Poor bird :)

Sept 24th: Now a year old, Nazo hops in the sink for baths, has a bigger cage, can fly down stairs (that took a while to figure out). We feed her corn and macaroni from our plates when we're done, which she loves. But, to our amazement, she loves pizza! James was eating some and Nazo was hopping around. She hopped on the pizza slice, which we thought was vastly amusing. Then she started eating it with gusto! Even when James tried to eat pieces, she was happily eating it from the other side. Very, very funny. I'll get a picture up of it.

Nov 4th: She likes showers! When Bob takes a shower, she'll fly into the tub area and sit on his shoulder. She'll sit under rivulets of water as they come off his hair, taking her own mini-shower :)

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