How To Tame a Budgie

The most important thing for any parakeet to do is to TRUST you, that you will not hurt her. Nothing else can happen if the parakeet does not trust you, if she flies around like a maniac when you get near her cage.

So start your training simply with your hand. Your hand goes into the cage every single day to change the food and water. Do this very slowly and calmly, talking to your parakeet in a soft voice. Put on soothing music when it is time for you to put your hand in the cage.

Parakeets fluff up when they are content

You need to train your parakeet to think of your hand as a nice thing that brings fresh food, not a scary thing. Sometimes, put millet into the cage with this "Friendly Hand". Parakeets love millet!

Yes, your parakeet will fly away the first few days! But if you keep this up with gentle words and quiet movements, after a week or so the parakeet should be stationary while you change the food, even if stationary means hiding at the far corner of the cage. Your aim here is for your parakeet to be watching your hand, not to be flapping around like an insane creature.

Parakeet Hand Training Step by Step Instructions

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