Lisa's Thoughts on Sworn Loyalty

Sworn Loyalty - A Medieval Romance By the time I reached the point of Sworn Loyalty, I had put out ten medieval novels in the space of a year-and-a-half. Now, granted, some of those medieval novels had been begun years ago. So it's not that I wrote them all from scratch in the space of 18 months. Still, there was an intense amount of polishing, reviewing, rewriting, and editing going on in that time period. When I finished with the tenth novel, I took a break. I needed to clear my mind. That was in fall 2012.

Over the subsequent months I wrote a modern murder mystery novel, and that took my focus.

But one night I had a dream. I'd been a fan of the TV series version of True Blood for a while, especially Eric. I had a powerful dream where Eric was trapped in a basement by a group of evil people. He was layered with silver chains. I went down, alone, to face those enemies. I was nearly slain, but I did manage to free Eric. He then dragged me out of there and, even though it was daytime out, he endured the pain to get us both to safety. Then we had to heal up in our safehouse.

When I woke, I knew I had to adapt that image into a story. The hero would be trapped and beyond hope - but the heroine would go down and get him out. In the process she, herself, would be hurt, and he'd have to save her.

The rest flowed naturally from that beginning.

So I didn't go into this story with a conceived notion of what would happen or how it would turn out (besides my tendency to have a happy ending). I just had that one powerful beginning image.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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