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Sworn Loyalty - A Medieval Romance This page has spoilers in it! It describes the content of Sworn Loyalty for those who want to know more about these areas. In general all of my stories are gently written - they do not contain explicit details of encounters or violence.

Intimate Relationships
The heroine, Mary, has been raised from very young to be a guardian angel for Erik. She rescues him from a trap and brings him back to a safe place to heal. They struggle against their mutual attraction for a week, but at last they do sleep together. It is gently described in a "fade to black" style. After that first time, they sleep together on the subsequent nights, each time again in a fade-away manner.

Then Mary realizes she is going to have to put Erik in close proximity with Lynessa (the woman trying to harm him) to try to convince him that Lynessa is a bad person. So Mary stops being intimate with Erik at this point, as she works on her plan.

When Lynessa is driven off, then they again sleep together, but again nothing is explicitly described. Mary and Erik marry. Lynessa returns, they have a final scene with her, and then the story skips ahead to when Mary and Erik have small children.

One detail worthy of note is that, when Lynessa returns for her final, climactic encounter, she thinks Mary is near death. So Lynessa plans to tell Mary all sorts of nasty things in order for Mary to die in torment. One of the things Lynessa tells Mary is that Lynessa was responsible for Mary's parents' death. Lynessa didn't want to just kill Mary's family - she wanted to torture them. So her plan was to have Mary raped, but when Mary couldn't be found, Lynessa's minions instead decided to rape Mary's mother. It's only a few lines of dialogue, and it's what sends Mary "over the edge" into fury to launch into an attack of Lynessa rather than quietly listen. Mary's mother's rape is long before the story begins, and that brief mention is the only mention of it, but it is there.

There are several fights in the novel. They are not described in gory detail, but in enough detail so a sense of what is happening is given. There is a decapitation of an evil man during one fight. It is described like this: "[Erik] spun clockwise, whipping his sword around, and drove the edge hard into the back of Arbertís neck. The decapitation was instant. Arbertís corpse fell like a rag doll." That is the extent of the description.

Alcohol was the normal drink in medieval days. The alcohol sanitized the liquid and made it safe to drink. Milk was not pasteurized in these times, so even kids drank watered-down alcohol. There is alcohol present in the story, but it is always in a supporting role to the story.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about the specifics of this novel.

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