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Badge of Honor - A Medieval Romance Here is what readers are saing about Badge of Honor - A Medieval Romance!

Yes, historically women have taken the back seat, but they were not always the passive and submissive ones we think of. There were many strong women who stepped up to take a man's role. Lisa Shea gives you a strong woman in Badge of Honor.

A woman has been raised to use the sword in a time it was not common. Catherine was declared dead a few years before in an attempt to discover buried secrets. Now she is back with the order to get married. The only problem is that she is love with someone else and her husband wants her as the docile woman of the manor who obeys her husband. Secrets and mysterious deaths bring everyone to the point of decisions that will change their lives and reveal long buried alliances and acts. Even secret identities are assumed only to be revealed shockingly.

This story takes you back in time and gives you an exciting world of horses, swords, capes, bandits, lords, and fighting. Then there is the love, loyalty, romance, and sacrifice. All of this makes such a good story you want to finish reading once you start.

Keep in mind that this is a story of a strong woman that would not have been quite so real during the time but not impossible. History has shown the exceptional woman who rose up to do a man's job and do it exceedingly well. Ms. Shea puts such women in her stories as inspiration for others.

There are numerous fight scenes and even death described though Ms. Shea does it all with grace and decorum without trying to gross out the reader. Even her intimate scenes are done well where the reader knows exactly what has happened but no one would be embarrassed reading it.

I appreciate the glossary at the end of the book in regard to period words and phrases. There is also a brief history of the life in medieval times to read and expand one's knowledge.

Ms. Shea has written several other medieval romances about strong woman. All proceeds benefit women's shelters. This is not something you find very often from authors.

This is another book to add to your summer reading list. It is adventurous, romantic, and inspiring. Plus it helps other women find those same attributes in life.

Note: This book was provided by the author with no expectation of a positive review.

-- Rebecca, Amazon

I love medieval novels. It flows well, fun to read. I recommend this book and Lisa's other medieval books to anyone who enjoys historical drama, it's very well done.

-- Toolmaker, Amazon

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