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Badge of Honor - A Medieval Romance The necklace - is that based on Arwen's necklace?
What's intriguing about this story is that I wrote it in the 1980s - long before the movie came out. Arwen barely existed in the actual books of the Lord of the Rings. So the "introduction" of a female character into a ranger-hero's life was, to me, completely unbased on any existing character. The snowdrop, her friends, the necklace, all of it was completely out of my own imaginings. I think, though, that the idea of a token of affection is fairly universal and shows up in countless stories. So it's not a surprise that two different romantic stories would both feature some sort of a token. A necklace has the advantage that both men and women can wear the same one. A ring would be too loose or too tight.

A genealogy book - similar to Game of Thrones?
Again, this is where the old adage holds true - there are only a limited number of stories in the world :). I had the storyline set in the 1980s. Even today I have not yet gotten around to reading Game of Thrones. I did watch the series recently, as it had been recommended to me by several friends. I had to smile when a "genealogy book" featured strongly in that as well. It's fair to say, with the Game of Thrones novels not coming out in 1996, that they did not influence my story in any way.

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