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Ukraine is very safe in the main cities, but like any city, be aware. Wear a money belt, and only keep what you really need in your purse. Wear it across your body. Wear comfortable shoes for a LOT of walking. Ukrainians walk all the time; most US people are not used to this level of walking.

To call the US, the US country code is 1

Drink only bottled water. Bottled water comes in 3 types - non-gas (i.e. flat), gas, and mineral

At meals, eat immediately. Don't wait for everyone else. They serve randomly when food is ready and expect you to eat it at that moment. Also, if you order wine, often they won't bring it until the main meal is out. Ask them to bring it immediately.

Always double check the order once it goes in. Numerous times we weren't served parts of our meal because they "forgot". One time they forgot for so long that the kitchen closed and we starved.

Electrical Plug Type:
Ukraine 220V 50 Hz C - Photo of Ukraine Plug
2 round pins, same as Germany

In 2006: $1 US = 5 Hryvnia (Ukraine currency). Just divide the UAH price by 5 to get US dollars.

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