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Visiting Lviv Ukraine

Thursday August 17, 2006

This is the short version of the travelogue. There is also a Long Version and a Slideshow of Lviv Photos with 88 images for this day.

The original plan had been to spend all day on a tour. However, our relatives were still very eager to spend every moment they could with us, and offered to take us around Lviv since we'd missed that yesterday. We agreed that we would spend the day with them. I only got a few hours sleep because of my server issues last night, so bright and early I was waiting with my mom and Len to meet up with Anna, her daughter Lesha, and her niece.

We visited a local market with a ton of crafts, the old town area with its walls, 2 churches, and a palace that had been re-created complete with Roman statuary.

Lviv Ukraine Photo

We had lunch at a traditional restaurant right on the main street, which had lovely decorations and their waitresses were all in traditional outfits. The food here was great! However my sleep deprivation was catching up with me. I told them I'd have to head back to the hotel to get some sleep, as I couldn't go any further. I gave mom the camera, and she took a lot of pictures of the afternoon visits. Our relatives took her and Len out to a recreation village with traditional homes in it, plus a famous cemetery.

Lviv Ukraine Photo

I did get a few hours sleep, then spent the rest of the night and morning finalizing up the server issues. We were leaving this hotel the next morning, so I had to make sure everything was fine before we left.

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