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Kiev Village

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Kris and I slept for over 12 hours straight and woke up quite refreshed. We ate at the Hotel Rus buffet which was well stocked but extremely crowded. Soon it was time to head out to the recreation Ukrainian village complex.

It was a long crowded traffic jam to get there, going past rock sellers. When we finally got there, we discovered that the exhibit covers 7 regions of Ukraine - but only 1 region was open. Apparently they are very low on funding.

Kiev Village

This one area was of the west of Kiev. We went through this area, seeing about 10 different buildings plus a church. We got to see an extremely poor peasant's house, the school and teacher's living area, a rich person's home, and a few other buildings. The church itself was closed.

Kiev Village

The restaurant in the village complex provided a three course lunch, just about the same as every other set-meal we've had so far. There was a salad, a soup, and then piroges. It was good. We ate quickly so we could run through the next village, even though it was closed, because this was where Myron and Nadia's families were from. As it turned out, several of the buildings were open so we got to see a number of homes there as well. Then we sprinted back to get to the bus.

Our afternoon plans involved a boat trip. Apparently boats leave regularly from a certain area and you just show up and get on the "next boat in line". When that boat fills up, it leaves and the next one pulls in. It's a booze cruise, only $1.60 a bottle of beer. The music was loud rock, there wasn't much scenery, but it was very relaxing.

Soon we headed back to the hotel. Kris and I had dinner with the 2 guys, with her parents sitting at the next table.

Kiev Village

The food here was good, and it was nice to relax and not have to race off anywhere. We'd thought about going out for the night, but instead fell asleep.

Thursday - Ukrainian Independence
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