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Sunday August 20, 2006

This is the short version of the travelogue. There is also a Long Version and a Slideshow of Ivano-Frankivsk Photos with 298 images for this day.

Today began very well - we were well rested, the shower worked well, the buffet was nice and we sat outside in the cafe area enjoying our meal with the two guys. The mini-van came with air conditioning, which was wonderful!! We headed out to Kolomaya.

We heard gorgeous church singing so we followed the sound through a VERY trash-filled park and ended up at a speaker. There were a cute pair of monkeys here! Then we had to move all around the edge of the walls to get to the actual church. I got a video of the singing, it really was nice. Most women going in had head scarves on so I only went in quickly to look around before leaving again.

kolomaya ukraine photo

Then we visited the town center for a short while, then went to the Pysanky museum.

kolomaya ukraine photo

We took a TON of photos here, and then tried to find lunch, but no such luck. So we moved on to the Hutsul museum. This had gorgeous carvings and artwork from the Hutsul area, which is where Dido (my grandfather) lived. It was really great.

kolomaya ukraine photo

Finally it was time for lunch. We now found a GREAT open air restaurant that served a set menu, but was cool, relaxing and great fun.

kolomaya ukraine photo

We tried to visit the local market, but it had closed. So we took a long, air conditioned ride home and then I did some internet cafe checking in on my website before the free 7pm Ukrainian Dancing show next door. The place was PACKED but Kris and I found seats and took photos and videos of the groups. When it was over, about 9pm, we met up with mom and Len to go find dinner.

We found a nice street side cafe, complete with accordian player, to relax in. Kris got ice cream and us 3 got potato pancakes. Then we waited 2 hrs only to discover that they never put our order in, and that the kitchen was now closed. We walked back to the hotel restaurant, which should have been open until midnight (it was 11:20) but of course they were closed too. So in an Ukrainian tradition, I went to bed hungry.

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