Lisa in Germany: 2001

Day 3: Sunday

Our third day in Germany was Munich day. Before we started, though, Stefan and I had to go to Augsburg to pick up my rental Peugot, so mom and I could drive to the Rhine Monday and Tuesday.

That accomplished, we all started by driving around town to look at the sights. Munich was the site of the 1972 Olympics, and the architect of the stadiums decided he liked soap bubbles. He ended up making a series of plastic "tents" with shiny surfaces that looked bubble like. Interesting. Stefan said the panels come loose occasionally and hit people in the head :)

It was very Washington DC like, with rows of large buildings on wide streets. We parked and started walking around. It began to hail! Little pebble sized hailstones. Neat :). We went into one church which was all carvings and plaster statues - with EXTREMELY intricate designs. Here's one of the altars:

Now we went to the center of town, where the big town hall with its clock stands. We weren't there for the clock to activate, but we did see the little statues that move.

we went into the town hall and walked through an art exhibit there - it was a bit strange. There were pottery jars that were purposefully 'caved in' and such, and a 'boat' made out of ceramic airplanes that had no bow or keel. The notes said that just as the ceramic airplanes were pretty but couldn't fly, so the boat would never float because it had no ends. Hmmmmmmmm.

we then drove past the 'Oktoberfest' grounds where the giant tents are put up. It was near a giant Bavaria statue of a woman and a lion.

Then we dropped Jenny off to work on the lasagne, and drove around the 'base town' a bit. We saw the town center, and lots of poppies, and the fields and such. Quite lovely.

We went home to delicious lasagne, and then tucked in early. Last night's cappuccino meant neither of us had fallen asleep until 4am!! We needed our rest tonight to get out early tomorrow.

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