Urban Legends and Hoaxes:
A Virtual Card For You Hoax

These virus hoaxes are awful. They get you to avoid legitimate email messages, and sometimes can cause a real company to suffer financial damage, because their real messages are being deleted as hoaxes. In this case, its an email postcard company whose messages begin with "A Virtual Card For You". These are REAL messages, not virusses. But here is what the hoax claims:

Recently a new virus was discovered that was classified by MICROSOFT www.microsoft.com and by MCAFEE www.mcafee.com to be the most damaging of all time! This virus was discovered late yesterday by MCAFEE and still there is no development of a vaccine!

This virus simply writes zeros on the hard drive, where the vital information for the operation of the PC is kept. The virus activates in the following manner:

1. By email it is received with the title A VIRTUAL CARD FOR YOU, when opening the message, it sends itself to all in the address list soon...

2. It hangs the machine, forcing the user to reboot the system.

3. AT the moment in which the keys ctrl+alt+del or the RESET button is pressed, it writes zeros to the hard drive making it unusable forever.

By the previous information, please, take precaution with the use of electronic mail and, of course, if you receive an email which you do not know the origin of, simply delete it without opening.

Please, send this message to the most people possible!!!!

In a few hours yesterday, this virus caused panic in New York, according to CNN www.cnn.com.

In fact McAfee says clearly on their site that this is NOT a virus. If you get this, please do not pass it along.

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