Urban Legends and Hoaxes:
Nigerian Money Hoax

It is simply astounding how widespread this scam is. I get at least THREE of these hoax email messages in my mail a day! The African country varies, as does the amount they claim I´ll get, but they´re all HOAXES! Here is one variation. Remember, they´re trying to lure you into giving them lots of personal information about yourself, and maybe even ´fronting´ them some money before you get your millions. YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY MONEY.


Attention: The President

I am the wife of Ex-head of State of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria, Late General Sanni Abacha. I want to know if you can
assist me by providing your foreign account for a quick transfer
of a total sum of $95.5m U.S. Dollars from Africa to your
account. Your company was recommended to me by a friend of my
late husband Rtd. Col. Usman Mohammed. But I did not disclose my
intentions to him. I promise to offer you 25% of the total sum
if you can assist me as requested.

Further details relating to this will communicate to you
immediately I hear from you. Remember also to include your
private telephone and fax numbers for easy and confidential


Alhaja Mariam Abacha
Chairperson family Support Programme

There are many other variations of this hoax. Ignore them all. Or, if you want to be sure, contact your police department! THey can at least tell you if this bank even EXISTS and if the bank account they mention exists!

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