Urban Legends and Hoaxes:
The JDBGMGR.EXE virus hoax

It amazes me how many people will delete operating system files based on an email message. This is another hoax that gets people to delete important REAL files. JDBGMGR.EXE is a REAL WINDOWS FILE that your system needs to operate. Do not delete it! If you do, you'll have to reinstall Internet Explorer to fix your problem.

Here's a copy of the fake warning.

Hi, everybody:

I just received a message today from one of my friends in my Address Book. Their Address Book had been infected by a virus and it was passed on to my computer. My Address Book, in turn, has been infected. The virus is called jdbgmgr.exe and it propagates automatically through Messenger and through the address book. The virus is not detected by McAfee or Norton and it stays dormant for 14 days before wipe out the whole system. It can be deleted before it erase your computer files. To delete it, you just have to do the following:

1) Go to Start, click on "Find"

2) At "files or folders" write the name jdbgmgr.exe

3) Be sure to search drive "C"

4) Click on "find now"

5) If you find the virus (the icon is a little bear with the name jdbgmgr.exe) DO NOT OPEN IT FOR ANY REASON

6) Right click on it and delete the file (it will go to the recycle bin)

7) Go to the recycle bin and delete the file definitivelly or empty the recycle bin.

Again do NOT do this! This is a HOAX!!

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