Urban Legends and Hoaxes:
Dogs and Dynamite

Sorry, but this sad canine tale about dogs and dynamite is simply not true. Itīs on the net in severals forms, and versions of this story have existed for decades.

Two ice fishers who were very serious about their hobby were in the practice of throwing small bits of dynamite onto the ice to create holes and "stir up" fish. One day, they bought a highly-trained dog to help them fish. Then they went to the lake, lit the dynamite, and threw it onto the ice. The dog, however, had apparently been trained to fetch, and ran to the dynamite and picked it up in his mouth. Then he ran to return it to the fishermen. The fishermen managed to run away from the dog quickly enough to avoid getting blown up, but just barely.

Other versions have the dog running underneath their brand new Explorer and blowing up both itself and the new vehicle.

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