Wine Wrap Body Mask

Being a huge fan of wine, I was greatly intrigued by the wine wrap body mask offered by my local spa. They claimed it gave you the antioxidant benefits of the grapes. I decided to give it a try.

They had me lie nude (although you can choose to use those disposable undies) on a plastic skeet. First they briskly exfoliated me. That involved brushing my skin rather hard with a stiff brush, to get rid of all of the dead skin layers. That way, when they put the mask on my body, it would be directly in contact with the live skin cells.

Next, they spread a medium-thick brown rough 'goo' all over me, starting with my feet and working their way up. The act of putting this on was sort of an exfoliant, as well as coating my skin to let the vitamins get into me. Once they were done coating my skin, they wrapped the plastic sheet around me and then lay towels on top to keep me warm. I then 'absorbed' for a full half hour, resting and listening to the music.

When I was done, they came in with wet washclothes and wiped the goo back off again, again this was a gentle exfoliant. So I certainly didn't have much dead skin on me by the time this was done! Then they put on a layer of oil, to help protect my skin and to keep the vitamins in.

I did feel soft after this was over. The claim is that this helps to lighten your skin, to fade age spots, and to help hydrate you (as smearing pretty much any goo over you will do ;) ). My skin is already pretty light, so I'm not sure about the lightening part. They say that the goo has high concentrations of iron, calcium and zinc in it - but I'm not sure those compounds absorb well into the skin. They probably are much easier to get into you in your blood system - i.e. by eating vitamins.

That all being said - it was most definitely an exfoliating experience! So if you haven't had an exfoliation in a while and your skin is starting to look a little dull, it might be a good idea to go in. Sure, your skin tends to replenish itself every few weeks, but a jump-start is sometimes helpful :)

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