Deep Tissue Massage

A normal massage involves very light touch, and is quite relaxing. In comparison, a deep tissues massage is much more strong and firm. It involves the therapist pushing her fingers down into your muscles, to work through the knots in them.

Both massages tend to progress in the same manner. So for a deep tissue massage, you still go into the room for the massage, and after the therapist leaves, you undress down to your underwear. You then get beneath the provided towels, and the therapist returns to begin the work. Usually soft music is played, and a fragrant oil is used for the massage.

Where the regular massage would involve very light touching, to relax and soothe you, a deep tissue massage has a different purpose. Think of it in this manner. If you were feeling calm and quiet, your best friend might gently run a hand over your back in circles in a "petting" motion, to soothe you. That is the soothing massage. But say you just finished a really hard day at work and your shoulders were simply killing you. You could feel a sharp pain in the back of your shoulder. In this case, your friend might sit behind you and apply strong pressure to that painful area, to locate the knots in your muscles and work them out. That is what a deep tissue massage is.

Usually a deep tissue massage is like a 'seek and destroy' mission. The therapist kneads around your various muscle groups. When the therapist hits a knot, she can literally feel it with her fingers. When she pushes into it, it probably will be obvious to you, and give you a jolt of pain. Note that this is NOT that her fingers are causing the pain! It is the shoulder pain you had already, that she is pointing out to you. Then as she pokes and prods at that knot, the pain will lessen and lessen, until it is gone. There might be some residual soreness for a few hours, but after that you will feel MUCH better.

It's like having a sore tooth. If your tooth is throbbing, and you poke your tongue at it, you might feel a sharp pain. But the pain actually feels *good* - that you are doing something to handle the problem. It's also like kids wiggling a loose tooth. The sharper pain of wiggling the tooth actually feels good, as it is getting rid of the constant, dull throbbing pain. I suppose this is hard to explain unless you've been in one of these situations.

But in general, muscle knots do not go away on their own. They sit, build up and can go on for years and years. It might actually take a few sessions to "undo" all of that damage. The first visit might let her get rid of the major issues, and then subsequent trips will let her track down and remove the other knots. And of course if you have a stressful life, you might start building those knots back up again, and want to go back occasionally to get yourself "reset".

I *highly* recommend getting a deep tissue massage - you don't even realize how much your body was aching from those knots until you get them removed!

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