Soothing Massage

If you've never had a massage done, you're in for a treat! This is just like having a friend give you a backrub - but the friend is someone very skilled in knowing how to relax your muscles. Here is how a massage usually goes.

First, you will be brought into a private room and given time to undress. Usually you undress down to just your underwear. You lay towels over you for privacy, and soon the therapist returns. They usually put on soothing music, and choose a fragrant oil. Sometimes you can choose which fragrance appeals to you the most.

Now they begin the massage. You usually get between 1/2 hr to 1 1/2 hrs for your massage, and of course depending on how long you choose, you get more attention paid to each part of you. They will usually start at one end and work their way towards the other end, gently rubbing and kneading along the way. They tend to go extra gentle for newbies, to let you get used to the feeling. It is very soft, gentle and relaxing. It should not hurt in any way - if you feel discomfort, let your therapist know.

You can talk with the therapist if you want, or just lay back and relax and enjoy it. Some people fall asleep because it is so relaxing. That is fine - your body still appreciates the massage, and you will be woken up when the time is up.

The therapist will move the towels one by one to uncover just the part she is working on, and then cover it back up again. This helps keep you warm as well as helps if you are shy.

When the time is over, the therapist will leave the room, and you can now get dressed again, fully relaxed!

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