Body Essentials Day Spa, Sutton

This spa is in a trailer building up a steep driveway, right alongside a construction area. You can barely see it from busy Route 146. The location was a convenient starting point for the owner, who is the wife of the construction person. The smallish building might make people think twice before heading in there. It's worth stopping in - once you get inside the building, you are in good hands!

The entry way has a fountain, and to the right is the hair styling area with two seats. I had my Locks of Love trim here, taking off 12". There are also a few small back rooms for individual treatments.

I've done several treatments at this spa. My first visit involved a massage that was *very* soothing and relaxing. The room itself is on the small side, but it is clean and fresh. There is no highway noise at all - you are surrounded with gentle music and pleasant aromas. I also had a wine body wrap done in this room at another time. The exfoliation part was a little rough, but the wrap was very soothing.

Another room is smaller and is used for the face-oriented operations. I have done eyebrow waxing and lip waxing here. Each time it went very smoothly. Waxing is highly recommended - when you remove hair with waxing, the new hairs grow back with "natural" tips and are not likely to become ingrown. In comparison, when you shave a hair, you make the hair pointy and leave it just below the skin level. This is the type of hair that is likely to become ingrown.

I do want to comment that as the spa has become more busy, the massages become less soothing :) While you can't hear highway noise inside the small massage room, you can hear everything else going on in the small building. So if people are having a gossipy, animated conversation in the hair salon area, you hear every word. I realize hair salons are for gossipping! That is fine. But when you're trying to relax for just an hour, and get your shoulders untense, it doesn't necessarily help to hear people going on about tax problems or other issues for the entire hour. I'm not sure what could be done about this besides another layer of baffling in the massage room itself. They do play "ocean waves" but it doesn't help cover up the voices.

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