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It is funny how some topics are fine to talk about - like how thick or thin your hair is - while other topics are considered taboo. Women talk gladly about their cool hair gel or lipstick, but you would rarely find them talking about their wet armpits and how they handle them! This is a real shame. We should be able to share helpful information with each other on how to handle normal things our bodies do.

We sweat. Gone are the days when women were expected to be corset-laced dolls who sat in a corner and blinked occasionally. Nowadays women can bike, hike, ride horses, dance all night and face challenges all day. And yes, we sweat. This is normal and natural. We want to be able to handle the wetness and odor in a way that works.

I tend to get very nervous in public so I sweat perhaps more than other people tend to do. Also, I have some energetic hobbies - for example I do long sword fighting every week. These are Robin Hood style swords, not fencing foils. So we can get fairly active. So there are definitely occasions that I need to have a product that can handle serious demands.

I have tried both Secret and Dove and I like both a lot - but I tend to go with Secret. It goes on smoothly, it's not gooey or slimy. It stays put. It has a light scent - I don't like to smell purfumey. It works.

I do want to comment that I feel strongly that if you're doing something that's meant to be active - let's say horseback riding or mountain biking - that you *should* sweat. Sweating is the way your body balances its heat levels. If you blocked all your sweating, and your body was trying to sweat because it felt too hot, this would not be a good thing. So you get wet and a bit smelly. You plan for that shower afterwards and cool down. Heck, if your underarms are sweating that much, undoubtedly so are other parts of your body. Let your body do what it was meant to do, and keep yourself healthy.

But that being said, if you're in those many other situations where you do NOT need to sweat to stay healthy - like when you're standing in front of a roomful of people and they're all staring at you - it's well worth it to use the Secret. I know it sounds like a commercial, but when you feel confident that you will be dry, and not have giant wet rings under your arms, it really does help you relax, and therefore you don't sweat as much! So it's a wonderful self-supporting confidence loop.

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