Perfectly Pampered Peppermint Foot Scrub review

I really enjoy the Perfectly Pampered line because they come in neat one-use packages. You get 1/2oz in a foil package that is easy to take along with you on trips or to buy as you feel like it.

I was curious if a foot scrub would really be worth it - usually I use a scrub on my whole body. Would my feet really notice the scrub effects? I sat at the side of my tub and squoze the light brown scrub into my hands and applied it. The pepperminty aroma was fresh and delicious, and it really did feel wonderful as I scrubbed it against the soles and toes of my feet. I then washed it off, then showered as usual.

My feet really did feel cleaner and fresher, and I'm sure the peppermint aroma helped with the general fresh feeling I had. Well recommended if your feet are feeling tired.

1/2oz foil package

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