Yves Rocher Peach Scrub review

This is truly the best scrub I've used. It's a peach sugar scrub, also listed as a body exfoliant. The aroma of peach is just GORGEOUS, you feel like you could bite into it and enjoy its juciness. The scrub in this is gentle - small grains of sugar are perfect for face, hands, stomach and other areas that you don't want to grind into.

Not only is this scrub perfect for that delicate work - but if you get a scrubby glove or washcloth, you can use it on other sturdier parts of your body, and it creates a GREAT foam to help you scrub well. The 6.7oz tub makes it easy to scoop out a lot or a little, depending on what you're after.

Even the color and texture is lovely - a soft, peachy orange.

Highly recommended.

7.5oz tube

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