Yves Rocher Pur Desir de Lavande Scrub review

I am normally a huge fan of lavender, so I thought this would be the perfect scrub for me. It comes in a plastic tube, great for using in the shower or by the sink. There's only 5oz per tube, but it does have a pretty design of lavender flowers on it.

However, first off, it really doesn't smell like lavender. I'm not quite sure what it does smell like. Sort of floral - but sort of musty too. I don't know, sort of chemically. It wasn't "bad" but it wasn't very relaxing either.

The scrub is a lightly purple transparent gel with what looks like sand in it. I imagine it's salt :) But again, for something that is supposed to be gentle and relaxing, it looks more like a harsh, nasty mixture. When you rub it on your body, it is in fact on the harsh side. I would use this on the bottoms of my feet, or other places that need a good scrubbing. But even there, there aren't "lots" of grains in the gel. So you don't get a good, dense scrubbing as you get from the various apricot scrubs on the market. So I'm not quite sure WHAT this would be best for. The gel makes it gooey. The sand bits make it harsh. The smell is odd.

They say it "smooths your skin, leaving a soft and fragranced finish". But my skin really didn't seem very smooth when I was done, it was almost ... tacky. It wasn't soft. It's like when you wash with really hard water and it washes away all your skin's oils, but doesn't leave you soft either. In any case, this isn't something I would get regularly.

Not well recommended.

5oz tube

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