Herbal Logix Grape Seed Scrub review

Herbal Logix has a Grape Seed Scrub that contians grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil and grape seeds. It says it gently cleanses and exfoliates, and removes oil and dirt. It also says it's non-irritating.

I give Herbal Logix high marks for accurately listing what it can do, without making wild claims like some other scrubs do. All a scrub does is scrub off the outer layer of dead skin, helping to keep your face clean of those dead skin cells and reveal the fresh skin beneath.

They say this is "gentle" and I might almost say it is TOO gentle. The purpose of a scrub is ... to scrub. To remove that outer layer of skin cells. Instead, the medium-brown goo in this tube is more like a cream with minute round things occasionally in it. There really wasn't enough texture to it to do much scrubbing or to cause much cleansing at all. You would have to use this with a washcloth, in which case the goo is merely acting as a lubricant for the washcloth. I would probably do better with a liquid soap in that case.

I also didn't find the aroma to be very pleasing. It's an odd sort of woody, pungent smell. It might be that some people enjoy this aroma, but it's not one I enjoy.

For me, this just isn't what I enjoy in a scrub.

Not recommended

$4.29 for a 6oz tube

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