San Francisco Salt Company Lavender

I make my own bath salts, and I buy a variety of commercial bath salts as well. I am a firm believer in the use of bath salts to both relax muscles after a long day as well as to bring calming and soothing before one goes to bed. Sleep is so important for a healthy lifestyle! So I was quite intrigued to test out the San Francisco Salt Company Lavender bath salts.

San Francisco Salt Company Lavender First, the packaging is great. I have the 2lb bag. It's plastic so it stands up to the humid environment of the bathroom. There's a scent-opening on the one I have, which lets you sample the scent without opening the entire package. The top easily re-seals so you can take out just what you need and then store the rest.

And the aroma! As I said, I make my own bath salts and I adore lavender, so I routinely make up lavender smelling bath salts. Somehow the aroma they have in this is just fantastic. I could smell it all day. It's just right. When I'm done with the bath and heading to bed, it's a relaxing environment to help me fall asleep in.

The crystals are a good side - not so fine that they aerosolize and make a mess, while still dissolving quickly and thoroughly.

I've had many bath salts which leave sticky residues or have off-aromas. So I'm quite pleased with these.

I'm not sure that I can find any down side. Normally I might say "you can make your own" but somehow they've made these better than I can make them.

I received a sample of the bath salts in order to do my review.

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