Handheld Massage Roller Ball

My shoulders kill me after a day of hard work, and I've tried all sorts of things to ease the sore muscles. This roller ball, as silly as it might look, actually works quite nicely in easing sore muscles.

In essence the ceramic ball is a perfect sphere and spins easily through all 360 degrees within its plastic collar. It can't get "out" of the collar because the collar is just slightly narrower than it is. Therefore you can hold the collar and roll it all over your muscles with it moving quite smoothly.

You can press down hard or soft as you wish. Because the ball rolls smoothly, it does not tug or pull at your skin. It just rolls over it. You can roll around in small circles on a sore muscle, or roll back and forth gently on your entire back. It works best of course if you have a partner who can really bear down and press hard in the spots you need it. If you're on your own, though, it does work well too. You can put a fair amount of pressure on your own back, and if it's your leg or arm that you need to work on, you're all set.

The ball of course being a roller, you have to take care to put up your hair first if you go near anywhere that has hair. The hair would roll right into the ball and get caught. Really, though, that's the only issue I've found with it. It's plastic, easy to clean, and can't really "stop working".

Highly recommended!

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