Indexnobber Handheld Massage Tool

It's hard to even describe what this item is. It looks like a plastic set of brass knuckles, with a large protrusion on one end. You sort of stare at it for a while, trying to figure out how it could possibly help you massage out sore muscles.

I picked up one of these in a massage store out of desperation, because my shoulders were killing me. The various other items I'd tried - including spiked balls and the "beaded back system" simply were not doing me any good at all. My back was still in pain.

Then I tried this simple device. You hold it like a set of brass knuckles, i.e. you put your fingers through the opening in the center and the bumpy part juts out. This gives you a GREAT solid hold on the plasic device. You can now really dig that plastic bulb down into the muscles, directing it exactly at the point you want to. Unlike other devices were you just sort of float over the surface, you can get really deep pressure with this.

In my case, the shoulders were very painful in the top center area. The balls and rollers would just glide over the surface and not help out much. With this, I could get a good grip and really press down into specific spots on my shoulders that hurt. After a few minutes of kneading with this, they felt MUCH better. It was simply superb and working out the knots.

Highly recommended!

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