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If you haven't tried a neck / body wrap before, then I highly recommend it. In essence these wraps can warm you up when you're cool, cool you down when you're warm, and snuggle against you at any other time.

The wrap consists of an inner core that has quilted pockets of rice. The outer layer is a soft lavender velvet cloth. You can take out that inner core if you need to wash the outer area. You can microwave the inner core to warm it up, which makes an excellent muscle relaxant. This is *perfect* if you have a sore neck and shoulders and want to ease them.

On the other hand if you have a headache or muscle cramp, you can plunk that inner core into the freezer to cool it down, and it works wonderfully in that way as well.

When I put the wrap around my neck, first of all, it feels fantastic. It's soft, snuggly, warm, and it really does warm you all up very quickly. Even better, though, when you roll your head back against the rice-grain-filled cloth, it feels fantastic. It's very soothing, and you can just sit there for 5-10 minutes rolling your head from side to side and enjoying the sensation.

I even love the aroma mix. There is primarily cloves and cinnamon, plus a hint of eycalyptus. It gives you a comfy, snuggly feeling. I imagine that over time the scent will fade away, but I suppose that is easy enough to fix with some spice jars. The texture of the wrap is just SO nice that I won't mind at all refilling the scents if they fade.

Highly recommended!

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