Santamedical Kneading Massager Cushion

I work from home, and I'm in front of my computer a LOT. I often wake up, go down to my computer, eat there, and eventually go up to bed. I can work all day long. My back aches after that. I can't afford to go to a massage person regularly, so I definitely need another option.

Santamedical Kneading Massager Cushion This kneading massage cushion is meant to be used against your back. There are two options - clockwise and counter-clockwise. There are no speed or strength options. The balls are fairly "spiky" but I suppose they have to be because this unit has to work on people of all levels of fat-thickness. If someone was fairly heavy this has to get through that fat and to the muscle. I happen to be 135 pounds - so on the thinner side - and for me they push into my shoulderblades and spine if I'm not careful. I have to position it just right.

The list price of $100 seems fairly extreme for such a simple unit. Luckily you can get it for far less here on Amazon. So I'll review it well at the going price but I would never pay the list price for this. There are so many other options out there that are in the existing price range. All it has is rotating balls inside it. They aren't even heated, with other options often are.

The position of the on-off switch is a bit awkward. I think it should have been lower down on the unit so you can more easily get to it when you're done with your massage.

In general, though, a good, useful, solid unit which does what it should. Well recommended.

I was sent a review unit of this kneading massager.

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